Order acrylic glass pictures - variety for your home

Discover our high-quality acrylic glass pictures in various motifs and formats to personalize your living space. From natural landscapes and impressive city skylines to culinary motifs - you'll find the perfect wall murals here to give your home a personal touch. Choose the right format for your room and create impressive accents in your home!

Discover high-quality acrylic glass wall murals for every room design

Relaxing within your own four walls, enjoying a good book, preparing culinary delights with your partner or spending fun game nights with family and friends - who doesn't appreciate that? The right furnishings play a crucial role in ensuring that you feel completely at ease in your house or apartment. From stylish furniture, be it chic wood or modern stainless steel elements, to the choice of flooring - be it parquet, laminate, sticker tiles or a cozy carpet - to the decoration. Wall design is particularly important, and many people opt for beautiful framed pictures or acrylic glass pictures to give each room a personal touch.

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What makes our high-quality pictures behind acrylic glass so special?

When you choose these elegant glass pictures, you get real gems that can be placed flexibly in different environments. Acrylic glass pictures are characterized by a smooth surface that is pleasant to the touch and by vibrant colors that create a warm atmosphere in the room and serve as an eye-catcher at the same time. But that's not all - our acrylic glass pictures are available in various formats so that everyone can find the right model for their taste and space.

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What diverse range of acrylic glass pictures are available to you?

If you are looking for an acrylic glass picture to decorate your living space, we offer you a wide selection of motifs from our wall art store that are suitable for almost any environment. Nature lovers will find a pleasant atmosphere in our pictures with natural color tones that awaken longing and invite you to dream. Panoramic shots of forests are timeless favorites that capture the beauty of nature and make you want to take a walk in the woods. If you're looking forward to your next vacation by the sea, why not choose a picture with a beautiful beach or a view of the ocean? discover queence's extensive selection and enhance your rooms with our high-quality pictures behind acrylic glass. Buy the perfect acrylic glass pictures now and set impressive accents in your home!

FAQ - frequently asked questions about our acrylic glass pictures

How heavy is an acrylic glass picture?

A significant advantage of acrylic glass for pictures is its low weight, which is significantly lower than that of conventional window glass, as it weighs just under half as much as mineral glass. Of course, the weight also depends on the size of the acrylic glass picture.

Are acrylic glass pictures shatterproof?

Yes, acrylic glass pictures are considered shatterproof. Thanks to the robust nature of acrylic glass, these pictures are more resistant to impact and breakage than conventional glass. This makes them particularly safe to handle and ideal for environments where the safety and durability of decorative objects is of great importance.

How do you mount acrylic glass pictures?

Acrylic glass pictures can be easily attached to the wall with pre-assembled hanging systems. These include metal brackets or spacers for a floating effect, which are screwed directly into the wall. Self-adhesive hooks are suitable for smaller pictures. It is important to consider the wall load-bearing capacity and the weight of the acrylic glass picture.

How do I maintain my acrylic glass picture properly?

Acrylic glass pictures are easy to care for and can simply be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. This preserves the high-quality appearance of the pictures for many years.

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What are acrylic glass pictures?

With acrylic glass pictures, you can show off art and photography in a stylish way in your home or office. These special pictures consist of high-quality prints that are sealed behind a glossy acrylic glass panel, creating an impressive depth effect and brilliance. The vibrant colors and rich detail make each acrylic glass picture a real eye-catcher on any wall. Whether in living rooms, business premises or as a high-quality gift idea - acrylic glass pictures offer a modern and elegant solution to give your room a unique touch. Acrylic glass pictures are an ideal choice for anyone who values quality and durability.