Acoustic pictures for offices and reverberant rooms

Discover high-quality acoustic pictures that optimize room design and noise reduction. A variety of motifs improve acoustics, easy installation and durability for pleasant working environments. Reduce noise and beautify rooms.
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What is an acoustic image?

An acoustic picture, also known as a sound insulation picture or acoustic wall picture, is a specially designed element for improving room acoustics. It usually consists of a frame filled with sound-absorbing material such as mineral wool or acoustic foam. This material is often covered with a printed fabric, often with an aesthetic motif, which also gives the acoustic picture a decorative function. These pictures are installed in rooms to reduce echo and noise by absorbing sound waves and thus improving speech intelligibility and general sound comfort.

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Buy high quality acoustic canvas pictures online

In office environments and large, echoing rooms, interior design is crucial to creating a pleasant working atmosphere and reducing noise levels. Our high-quality acoustic canvas murals offer the ideal solution to improve both the aesthetics and acoustics of your space. The use of acoustic pictures in offices not only helps to reduce noise, but also gives the rooms an aesthetic upgrade. Our canvas murals feature smooth surfaces and vibrant colors that make your office environment appealing. They are not only a visual enhancement, but also extremely functional as they absorb sound and therefore reduce noise levels.

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Discover a selection of motifs & buy acoustic pictures

Our selection of motifs gives you the opportunity to adapt the acoustic images to the specific requirements of your office or reverberant room. Nature motifs create a calming atmosphere, while city skylines add a modern touch. The wide range of options allows you to choose acoustic murals that perfectly match your interior design, and installing our acoustic canvas murals is simple and efficient. You can attach them to the walls and immediately benefit from the acoustic advantages. The high-quality canvas and robust finish ensure a long service life and easy maintenance. Interested in wall murals? Browse through our large selection of acrylic glass pictures and aluminum dibond pictures.

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Enhance your interior design with acoustic pictures from the Queence online store

Improve the interior design of your room with our high-quality acoustic canvas murals and experience a more pleasant and productive working environment. Reduce noise levels and beautify your rooms at the same time - buy the perfect acoustic murals from our wall murals store now and experience the difference! Our selection includes various designs and sizes that can be seamlessly integrated into any interior style. Benefit from a noticeable improvement in speech intelligibility and a reduction in disruptive reverberation times. Focus on sustainability and quality by choosing materials that are both environmentally friendly and durable.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about our acoustic images

What are the benefits of acoustic pictures?

Acoustic screens improve room acoustics by absorbing sound and thus reducing reverberation and noise levels. They are particularly useful in rooms with hard surfaces that reflect sound. Acoustic pictures are also aesthetically pleasing and thus contribute to the room design.

How can you improve the acoustics in a room?

To improve the acoustics in a room, you can install acoustic elements such as acoustic pictures, soundproof panels or curtains that absorb sound and reduce echo. Another option is to optimize the furniture and room design, for example by using carpets, decorative cushions and softer materials that dampen sound waves. The arrangement of furniture and the room layout also play a role in effectively minimizing sound transmission.

How many sound insulation images do you need?

The number of sound insulation panels required depends on the size of the room, the room acoustics and the specific requirements. 15-30% of the room surface should generally be covered with acoustically effective materials. A detailed analysis of the room acoustics by a specialist can help to determine the exact number and placement of the sound insulation panels.

Where to use acoustic murals?

Acoustic murals can be used in rooms where room acoustics need to be improved, such as offices, doctors' surgeries, conference rooms, restaurants or domestic living and music rooms. They are particularly effective in rooms with hard surfaces that reflect sound and can lead to increased noise levels or echo. Thanks to their decorative design, they also contribute to the aesthetic enhancement of the room.