Magnetic board foil

Self-adhesive blackboard films are suitable for use as a drawing board, message board, office communication or drinks menu. Practical and stylish, they are a must-have for a wide range of applications.
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What is magnetic whiteboard film?

The magnetic board film is an innovative solution for creative design and organization in your home or office . This special film combines the properties of a writable board with the ability to hold magnets. It consists of a ferrous coating that provides the magnetic properties.

The magnetic blackboard film is self-adhesive and can be easily applied to smooth, flat surfaces. You can write on it with chalk or chalk pens and easily wipe it off again. Thanks to its high quality, the magnetic blackboard film is durable and resilient.

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Advantages & applications of the magnetic board film

One of the greatest strengths of the magnetic board film is its versatility. You can use it in almost any room - be it at home, in the office, at school or even in the catering industry. The film can be easily cut into any shape and size so that you can adapt it perfectly to your needs.

It is extremely easy to apply: the self-adhesive back adheres reliably to smooth surfaces. If handled correctly, the film can also be removed without leaving any residue, giving you maximum flexibility when designing your room.

The possible uses for magnetic blackboard foil are almost limitless. You can use it as a decorative element for wall decoration in children's rooms, kitchens or work rooms. Functionally, it is ideal as a planner, calendar or for notes.

A particular advantage is the combination of blackboard and pinboard: you can write on it with chalk as well as attach magnets and notes. This makes the magnetic blackboard film a versatile organizational tool for everyday life.


How to apply the magnetic board film correctly

Preparation is key to a successful application. Clean the surface thoroughly and make sure it is flat and smooth. When applying the film, it is important to work slowly and carefully to avoid air bubbles. Start on one side and smooth the film out gradually.

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Care & cleaning of the magnetic board film

Regular cleaning is important to maintain the quality and functionality of the film. Use a damp cloth or sponge. Mild cleaning agents are suitable for stubborn dirt. Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the surface.

To avoid scratches, be careful when handling hard or sharp objects. With proper care, your magnetic whiteboard film will serve its purpose for a long time.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about magnetic whiteboard film

What is the best way to attach the magnetic whiteboard film?

First, clean the surface thoroughly. Then gradually remove the protective film and carefully stick the magnetic board film from top to bottom or from one side to the other. Carefully smooth out any air bubbles.

On which surfaces does the film adhere best?

The magnetic board film adheres best to smooth, flat surfaces such as walls, doors or cabinets. Rough or textured surfaces can impair adhesion.

How long does the magnetic whiteboard film last?

If used and cared for properly, magnetic whiteboard film can last for several years. The exact lifespan depends on factors such as intensity of use, environmental conditions and state of care.

How do magnetic whiteboard films differ from conventional whiteboard films?

Magnetic whiteboard films differ from traditional whiteboard films mainly in their additional ability to hold magnets, making them a combination of a writable whiteboard and a pinboard. This property is achieved through a special ferrous coating or material composition, which makes the magnetic whiteboard films more versatile, but also slightly more expensive and heavier than their traditional counterparts.