Alu-Dibond pictures: Timeless elegance for your home

Discover exquisite Alu-Dibond pictures at for timeless beauty and elegance. Nature and city motifs transform walls into works of art. Find your favorite motif.
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What are Alu-Dibond pictures?

Alu-Dibond pictures are high-quality prints that are applied to a special composite material. This material consists of two thin layers of aluminum that enclose a polyethylene core. This combination makes Alu-Dibond particularly light, stable and durable, making it a popular choice for displaying artwork and photographs. Printing on Alu-Dibond enables very high image quality with sharp details and vibrant colors, while the matt surface of the aluminium panels ensures that reflections are minimized. These properties make Alu-Dibond images particularly suitable for modern residential and commercial spaces, as they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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Buy Alu-Dibond pictures - elegance for your walls

Experience the magic of Alu-Dibond pictures - perfect for anyone who appreciates something special. These works of art radiate elegance and add a touch of timeless beauty to your rooms. Discover our exquisite Alu-Dibond pictures in our wall art store! Each picture is uniquely designed to create an impressive effect that is both modern and appealing, and the high quality of the material results in durability and color fastness, so you will enjoy your artwork for a long time. Be inspired by the variety of our collection and find the perfect Alu-Dibond picture to enhance your personal interior. Also discover our acoustic pictures and gold leaf pictures!

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Large selection & various formats - wall murals made of Alu-Dibond

If you have a large wall surface to design, we recommend a large-format, rectangular aluminum dibond picture. Small square formats, on the other hand, can create a special atmosphere when arranged in groups. Be inspired by the variety of our Alu-Dibond pictures and find your personal favorite piece! Our selection also includes unusual shapes and sizes that have been specially designed to enable creative and individual wall designs.

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Alu-Dibond murals are an eye-catcher in any room

Alu-Dibond pictures are a safe choice in the kitchen and bathroom. The motifs are printed directly onto the metal panel and offer protection against moisture, dust and scratches. This ensures that the vibrant colors and metallic effect are retained for a long time. Many of our motifs are also suitable for living rooms and studies. Here you can showcase art prints by your favorite artist, abstract designs or collages. Alu-Dibond pictures are real eye-catchers that will impress in any room. Try out different arrangements by placing several small squares next to each other and create your own gallery. In the living room, you can score points with atmospheric paintings and romantic landscapes, while cityscapes, panoramas or photos come into their own in the study. The bedroom and children's room can also benefit from artistic wall decorations. Cute animal pictures, dreamy winter landscapes or floral motifs create a cozy atmosphere. Even art prints with your favorite motifs provide relaxation in the most intimate areas. Let your creativity run wild and play with shapes and colors by arranging different panes next to each other.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about our Alu-Dibond pictures

What is Alu-Dibond and how heavy is it?

Alu-Dibond is a composite material consisting of two layers of aluminum with a polyethylene core between them. It is known for its lightness, stability and durability, which ensures high dimensional stability
The material weighs about 4.32 kg per square meter and has a thickness of 3 mm.

What is an Alu-Dibond print?

An Alu-Dibond print refers to the printing of the
Aluminum surface of Alu-Dibond panels with images or graphics, usually through a high-resolution direct printing process. This type of printing is popular for photographs and artwork because it offers high image quality and durability.

Which is better, acrylic glass or aluminum dibond?

The decision between acrylic glass pictures and aluminum dibond pictures depends on the intended use and the desired optical effects. Acrylic glass offers an impressive depth effect and brilliance,
which makes it ideal for bright and colorful images. Alu-Dibond, on the other hand, offers a matte surface that is less reflective and very stable, which makes it particularly suitable for large formats and outdoor applications. This makes the image opaque and the aluminum gives it a high-quality look.

Is Alu-Dibond waterproof?

Yes, Alu Dibond is waterproof. The aluminum surfaces and
the polyethylene core are insensitive to moisture, which makes the material
ideal for use in humid environments or outdoors.
In addition, Alu-Dibond pictures are UV resistant.

Is Alu-Dibond heat-resistant?

Alu-Dibond is heat-resistant to a certain extent, but it should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. High temperatures
can cause the material to deform. However, in normal areas of application such as indoors and outdoors with normal temperature fluctuations, Alu-Dibond shows very good resistance.