Artful posters and inspiring framed pictures

Discover trendy posters and inspiring pictures for your home. Add charisma to rooms with black and white, modern art, nostalgia and nature. Design personally, order conveniently online.
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What are framed pictures?

Framed pictures are a stylish and decorative way to present works of art, photographs or posters on the wall. The frame protects the picture, draws attention to the motif and visually enhances it. There is a wide variety of picture motifs such as landscapes, cities, animals, plants, abstract art or sayings that are suitable for different interior design styles. It is important that the picture frame matches the motif in terms of material, color and size and forms a harmonious unit with it without dominating the picture.

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Modern framed pictures & inspiring posters

Bring charisma into your rooms with trendy framed pictures and posters. Whether black and white art, contemporary motifs or classic art prints - art lovers will find the right range in our diverse selection. Browse through the various subcategories and discover magical motifs and inspiring sayings. Whether you like nostalgia, love nature or want to create a certain mood in your rooms, you will find what you are looking for with us. Each picture tells its own story and gives your home a personal touch.

Are you looking for a poster specifically for your kitchen? Our motifs are a perfect fit for the themes of cooking, eating and enjoyment. They give your kitchen a cozy atmosphere. The colors and quotes are variable, from spices to wine motifs. Our range offers the right picture for every taste and style.

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Framed pictures: Black and white art for contemporary accents

The timeless combination of black and white is always on trend. This color combination gives your home an elegant touch and harmonizes particularly well with a corresponding furnishing in these colors. You can also combine modern wooden furniture. Black and white pictures are particularly effective on white or light walls and create impressive contrasts, regardless of whether they depict sayings or motifs. For a touch of color, you can set accents in strong tones. Our pictures range from portraits of women to animal motifs to inspiring words that leave an impression. No matter how different tastes are - there is the right motif and the right color combinations for every art lover. Choose framed pictures that suit your rooms

and beautify your home. Our posters are available in various subcategories, including black and white pictures, pictures with sayings, art prints, nature pictures and much more. Browse through our range and let yourself be inspired. Our selection is not just limited to framed pictures, but also includes aluminum dibond pictures and gold leaf pictures .

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Framed posters & art with inspirational sayings

Do you like looking at pictures with inspirational sayings? They have a direct effect on your subconscious and provide motivation, whether in everyday life or in special moments. The right words give you power and strength. Our framed posters with sayings come in a wide range of colors to match your decor. You can hang them above your desk, in the hallway or in the children's room.

Our art prints offer a wide range of styles and genres. Modern framed posters give every room a trendy touch and invite you to dream and relax. You can also create a cozy reading corner or meditation niche and enrich it with an expressive image. The motifs, colors and artists in our wall art shop are diverse, so you will quickly find what you are looking for!

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Order framed pictures online from Queence

Our framed pictures are available in different sizes and formats, so you can find the right work of art for every room and every decoration situation. Whether you are looking for a large-format statement piece for your living room or a small series of pictures for the hallway - you will always find what you are looking for at Queence.

Our framed pictures are also ideal for office spaces or gyms and yoga rooms .

FAQ – frequently asked questions about our framed pictures

What materials are used for the frames of the framed pictures

Our frames are made of high-quality real wood, which is carefully crafted to ensure first-class quality.

Which motifs are particularly popular for framed pictures?

Natural motifs such as landscapes, animals, plants and flowers are particularly popular for framed pictures. Cities and famous sights are also popular motifs.

How do you send a framed picture?

To send a framed picture safely, you should first wrap it in bubble wrap and pad the corners particularly well. Then place it in a sturdy box filled with additional padding material to prevent movement. Finally, the box is tightly closed and clearly marked with "Caution: Glass" or "Fragile".