Canvas prints for your home

Discover our high-quality canvas prints in various motifs and transform your home into an art gallery. From bedroom to kitchen - find the perfect canvas print for every room.

What are canvas prints?

Canvas prints are a special form of wall decoration in which a picture or motif is printed on a canvas. This canvas is usually made of a high-quality cotton fabric that is stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. Compared to conventional posters or framed pictures, canvas prints offer several advantages. They have a special texture and depth effect due to the linen fabric, which makes the print look higher quality and more artistic than paper prints. An additional picture frame is not necessary because the canvas itself serves as the frame. In addition, wall pictures on canvas are durable and easy to care for.

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A touch of art in your home with canvas prints

Your home is your personal retreat, and the furnishings reflect your individual style. In addition to furniture and floor coverings - such as sticker tiles - decoration plays a crucial role. Canvas prints are an easy way to stylishly embellish your rooms and add coziness or modernity.

Canvas prints are available in a wide range of designs, from kitchen prints to bedroom prints. The selection is so diverse that there is a canvas print to suit every room and taste. Discover the perfect decorative elements to give your rooms a visual upgrade and don't hesitate to buy a canvas print.

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What distinguishes canvas prints?

Our canvas prints stand for the highest quality and durability. They impress with their vibrant colors and are stretched on sturdy gallery frames. The wooden frames are 2 cm thick and offer a secure hold. We use high-quality canvas material with a 35% cotton content. The wall pictures are easy to assemble and can be done effortlessly even by inexperienced hands. Give your rooms an impressive gallery effect in no time at all.

Choosing the right place is crucial. Long canvas prints are well suited for narrow walls, while landscape formats look particularly good on wide walls. The size can vary depending on the room.

In the bedroom, calming motifs such as nature photographs are ideal, while the kitchen benefits from pictures with spices or herbs. In the children's room, colorful, child-friendly motifs bring joy. Stadium motifs are perfect for football fans, and in the living room, city motifs or tree prints create an appealing atmosphere.

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Popular motifs for canvas prints

Whether it's a bedroom, living room or kitchen, some motifs are timeless and fit into different rooms. Well-known works of art, nature photographs and modern art are always in demand. You can also choose from offers with football, New York, horses and much more.

The canvas prints are available in various formats and sizes, from small single images to multi-part wall pictures in XXL format. Panorama images and square canvas prints are also particularly popular and are perfect for modern living spaces.

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Canvas prints are suitable for a wide range of rooms and purposes. Whether in a private living area or in public and commercial buildings such as offices - with the right motifs, any wall can be enhanced. There are no limits to your creativity. Combine different canvas prints to create a picture wall or create a real eye-catcher with a large panoramic print. Don't just use canvas prints for your picture wall, but complement your very own art wall with gold leaf pictures and color switch wall pictures .

Canvas prints can be displayed particularly attractively with a shadow gap frame. The aim of shadow gap frames is to show the works of art without the limitation of a frame, so that they can have an unchanged effect on the viewer, but still retain an orderly structure. Shadow gap frames give the canvas print a lot of space thanks to their special depth effect and at the same time frame it elegantly. Discover our wide selection of canvas prints with shadow gap frames in our wall art shop .

FAQ – frequently asked questions about our canvas prints

How are canvas prints different from other wall art?

Canvas prints differ from other wall decorations such as posters or framed pictures in terms of material and structure, printing process, feel and surface texture, durability and effect on the wall. In general, it can be said that canvas prints offer an artistic, high-quality look for wall design thanks to their craftsmanship and special surface texture.

Which motifs are particularly popular for canvas prints?

The most popular motifs for canvas prints include nature motifs, landscapes, abstract art, city motifs, animal motifs, flowers and plants. Overall, it can be said that both lifelike and abstract motifs on canvas are in high demand, as they can reflect individual taste and interior design.

How do I care for and clean my canvas prints?

Thanks to their robust nature, canvas prints are very easy to care for. Dust and light dirt can be easily wiped off with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Special sponges and cloths from art supplies are also suitable for gentle cleaning.