Sticker tiles

Surprisingly simple: decorative, self-adhesive sticker tiles offer a quick wall facelift. Peel off the backing paper, apply, and walls look new. Modern living can be so easy!
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What are tile stickers?

Tile stickers, also known as tile decals, are self-adhesive, decorative stickers that you can easily apply to existing tiles. They are available in various designs and materials and have been specially developed for use in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. The high-quality materials make them waterproof, scratch-resistant and durable.

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Advantages of tile stickers

The biggest advantage of sticker tiles is their ease of use. You can apply them quickly and easily yourself without needing professional help. This not only saves time, but also money. Sticker tiles are a cheap alternative to complete renovation and allow you to immediately change the ambience of a room. Would you like to add even more value to your walls? Then browse through our aluminum dibond pictures and acrylic glass pictures !

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Tile stickers in the bathroom & kitchen

Whether in the bathroom or in the kitchen - self-adhesive tile stickers are the perfect solution to give your rooms a new look in no time. In the bathroom, you can create a relaxing atmosphere with maritime motifs or elegant patterns that will enchant you every morning. Choose waterproof stickers for your tiles that can easily withstand the moisture in the bathroom. In the kitchen, tile stickers offer countless ways to express your personal style. From cheerful fruit designs to classic tile patterns to modern geometric shapes - at Queens you will find the right design to spice up your kitchen splashback. The self-adhesive tile stickers are not only easy to apply, but also easy to clean and heat-resistant. This means you can design your kitchen according to your taste without having to forego functionality. Tile stickers offer a cost-effective and flexible alternative to conventional tiles and can be easily removed or replaced if necessary.

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Guide: How to apply tile stickers correctly

Applying tile stickers is extremely easy. First, clean the tiles thoroughly and make sure they are free of grease and dust. Then peel the tile sticker off the backing film and carefully stick it onto the cleaned tile. Make sure to avoid bubbles and wrinkles to achieve a perfect result.

Thanks to their robust surface coating, tiles are very easy to clean and durable. They resist limescale, shower cubicle squeegees and bathroom cleaners. Regular cleaning with suitable products helps to extend the life of your tile stickers.

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Buy tile stickers online at Queence

With self-adhesive tile stickers from our wall picture shop, you can easily give your home a new look. Whether you buy tile stickers online or in a specialist shop - they offer you a creative and inexpensive way to decorate your room. Try it out and let your creativity run wild!

FAQ – frequently asked questions about tile stickers

What is the best way to apply tile stickers?

First, clean the tiles thoroughly and make sure they are free of grease and dust. Then carefully peel the tile sticker off the backing film and carefully stick it onto the cleaned tile. Be sure to avoid air bubbles by smoothing the sticker from the inside out.

Which surfaces do tile stickers stick best to?

Sticker tiles adhere best to smooth, clean and dry surfaces. They are ideal for ceramic tiles, but also for other smooth surfaces such as glass or metal.

How do you clean tile stickers?

Thanks to their robust surface coating, sticker tiles can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agents. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents or abrasive sponges to avoid damaging the surface.

How long do the tile stickers last?

With proper care and application, sticker tiles can last for several years. The exact lifespan depends on factors such as the quality of the stickers, environmental conditions and maintenance.